In the Bath
copper, polymer clay
11.5" x 8"
The Balance
      copper and brass
        16"x 5"x 3"


     steel, silver
     4"x 5"x2"

Resonance.bronze and steel
21" x 18" x 6"
 This piece is about (among other things) the
conception performance and perception of music


15" x13" x4"

This piece contrasts the subtlety of the human body with the simplicity and bluntness of the steel.

Family Portrait
12" x 17.5"


    Forbidden Fruit
   copper, rock, pearls
   16" x 12"

The Great Flood   
copper, steel    
8" x 6"    



My series of tree sculptures is a result of: [a] becoming fascinated by convoluted trees over the course of my 
summer hikingand [b] getting a new oxy acetylene welding set up.

25" x 13" x 6"


copper, marble

This combines a chess theme with a meditation on the complexities of social relationships.


assorted materials

These masks were first sculpted in wax. The bronze (second from the left) was then cast with a standard  lost wax
  process. I used an electroforming process similar to copper plating and a simple hammering process to make the other three


polymer resin, clarinet parts
14"x 10"x 2.5"

Fragment 2
24" x 17"x8"

Apple Tree
silver, pearls

electroformed copper
18" x 14" x 7"

This is about trying to
remember the face of
someone you've almost
House in the Woods

I made this after
walking in the woods
and observing the complex
ecosystem that had sprung
up on a fallen log


26" x 10" x 11"

According to the Random House Dictionary, a glyph is a pictograph or hieroglyph. I'm fascinated by the fact that hieroglyphs
are coming back into usage (in the form of "universal" signs).
Woman's Work
maple and black walnut
height ~55"

I love fabric art and wish it were discussed
more in art history classes.
This piece represents a loom. The bench in front
of it is the place a woman would have sat while she was weaving.

Fabric piece on wall is by an unknown artist.

Pandora's Box
17" x10" x10"
The bust is copper,  treated with a silver nitrate patina.  The box is also copper.  This is the result
of heating copper until it glows cherry red and then dousing it in ice water.


black walnut
36" x 19" x 14
Body Mask #2
24" x 14" x 6"

8" x 4"

21" x 15" x 9"

I've been experimenting with the idea of reflecting the sinuous motion of the human body by sculpting draped fabric

 Cloth Studies

The way a dropped piece of cloth falls is so incidental
it's interesting to render it in a  hard, durable medium like bronze.
   In my work, the image of a bunched piece of cloth can symbolize
  frozen time.  Sculpting something like this can be a fascinating meditative exercise, but it can also drive you out of your mind

fun with media...
polymer resin


White Portrait
polymer resin


Screen sculpture is  a new medium.  I used the polymer image of the dog to generate another piece with screen. I like the fact that the object is "there" but also "not there".


...  arcane murals-- I love them.

A Diver Decides to Resurface


Fossil 1
polyviner resin

Playing around with the fact that polymer clay
will take prints, I printed a few ferns from my
back yard.  I then sculpted some low relief
"stone age" fish and combined the two to create a
pseudo fossil.  Sometimes one can start with an idea
and start there.... other times you start with
what your eye tells you is meaningful and explore it
with no goal in mind.

              a botanical fiddle


Help Me to Understand
polymer clay

this old clay piece was a reaction to the events of 9/11/2001



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