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How to Commission Custom Work from Kristin Sweedler

Quite a bit of my work is done on a commission basis—people see my work and approach me to design and build a piece that meets their needs or desires. Some find me by word of mouth, some via the web and some by chance encounter with me or a piece of my art.

I view custom work as an exciting collaborative process:
For you, it's an opportunity to participate directly in the creation of a work of art, or to have me create that thing that you can see so clearly but can't find anywhere. It's exciting for me too, because your input pushes me to explore new ideas or techniques that might not otherwise have presented themselves.

Custom design is a conversation:

The initial stages of a commissioned work involves questions and dialog. This is the point where you tell me what you want in terms of subject matter, size and basic appearance. We'll talk about materials, cost and a time frame. If you know where you want the piece to go or plan to display it along with pieces that you already own, you'll have the option of sending me photos. I will use my experience and expertise to make suggestions about the best ways to turn your idea into art. Each project is different, and requires taking into account the future environment of a piece, technical limitations of materials, and your tastes and budget. Sometimes the strongest elements of a piece of art are generated by the constraints of the project.  
When  the project reaches a halfway  point,  we will have a second consultation.  I will send you pictures of the ongoing project and give you the opportunity to  make comments and requests. 

Cost, schedule and process:

My standard payment process is to charge in 3 installments (1/3 of total cost each time).  Payment can be made by check or online using the secure payment service provided by PayPal . Checks cover the cost of project development and materials and are not refundable if project is canceled before completion.There would be an initial payment immediately after our first consultation, before I started the piece. When the piece was halfway done, I would send you an update on how things were going and photos of what I'd done so far. You would have the opportunity to give me your input (e.g.- "I'd rather have this thing over there"). The second payment would occur at this time. The final payment takes place when the final piece arrives at your address. If you live within the  state of Maryland there will be a 5% sales tax.  I generally ship pieces via FedEx or UPS.  The costs of shipping are not included.
You'd be welcome to visit my studio during the sculpting process, provided you gave me advanced warning. I live in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

The commission process follows these stages:

  1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your project and I give you a rough cost estimate.
  2. Design: We refine the ideas discussed earlier after I've had an opportunity to research source art, materials and current market rates for materials. After this conversation, I will send preliminary sketches and a description of your project.  This is the Project Bid.
  3. Project bid: Project bids are based on estimated time and materials and do not include shipping charges.  The cost of a project will not exceed the bid price unless significant changes are requested after  the initial consultation. 
  4. Design Approval: Once you approve the preliminary sketches and descriptions, and have signed an initial contract we proceed  with our  project
  5. Work Begins: Project inception begins upon the receipt of  the first payment and signed drawings.
  6. Halfway Consultation: When the piece is halfway done, I send you an update on how things were going and photos of what I've done so far. You have the opportunity to give me additional input (e.g.- "I'd rather have this part over there"). The second payment would occur at this time.
  7. Work Concludes: I notify you that the piece has been completed and we settle on shipping arrangements.

To intiate a project, please Contact me with your questions or ideas.



How to Purchase Existing Work by Kristin Sweedler

If you are interested in purchasing work displayed on my online gallery, please contact me by email or by phone (410-626-2069) for pricing, etc. I am more than happy to sell directly, but please be aware that my contracts with galleries do not allow me to offer any discount for buying directly from the artist.  Payment can be made by check or online using the secure payment service provided by PayPal .

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