Diary of Clara Mineah
(Sept 1898- March 1899)

Sept 19 Not very warm and very smokey, but what causes the smoke I do not know.
Hobe drove Nellie and Prince and our old, big wagon and went with the milk
to Peru depot- came home about ten. Bess went for the washing. I washed
dishes then I helped her out. We had the washing and mopping done before
noon, then I ironed. Bess fixed a black shirt. Ma mending. Pete Conger's
man came after the eggs at 4 half past. Then we had supper. then we all sat
down to spend the evening- Ma, Hobe, Charlie, Francis, Ben and I. A very
quiet evening. But no Pa to share our home and comforts. It is very
lonely without him. I often wonder does he know how we miss him.

20 A very pleasant day. Rather cool. Hobe went with the milk. I went over
to see if Addie wanted to go to the fair- said she did so after
dinner Bess, Addie Vough and I started driving. Prince found the going good.
Spent the afternoon there,came home, Addie stayed to supper and Hobe took
her home. We girls had a pleasant afternoon at Dryden Fair. Charlie and
Court- our hired men- cut corn part of the day. Hobe cut sowed corn with
machine in forenoon.
Just before we left the fair grounds Addie bought me a very handsome plate
of Mr. Henry Hubbard who has an exhibition of crockery and [lear?] in a
building near fair house. It was a reminder of the fair my plate was.
I appreciate it very much beause I was not expecting anything. A good
many people were there for the first day and quite a display of everything.

21 A beautiful day dawned but some cool. At [?] early Charlie left; then Bess
went on her wheel to the fair. Hobe went with milk to Peru depot, came home,
went to McLean after Marjorie as she was coming on the train from Cortland
to go with us. So at half pat 12 we- Ma, Hobe, Marjorie, Mrs. Norman,
Francis and I went for a day and a great crowd there was too- 18,000 people.
A good time generally. We left Marjorie and McLean to take the 6 1/2 train
for Cortland. We came home all fine. Lots of beautiful things to see and
plenty of music and horse racing. A lady drove a trotter around the track
in 2.16 time. Several ladies drove in a contest that was very exciting,
a bicycle race, and stock but not a very good display for Dryden. I have
never missed a year but once and that was the time of the Worlds Fair
in 1893. I was in Durand at the time visiting Uncle Hobarts Family.

22 A very fine day. A good cool breeze. I went with milk, Hobe did the chores.
I came home and went to see if Addie wanted to go to the fair. She said she
did so came over and we, Ma, Hobe, Cora Steile, Addie and I set sail at half
past eleven. Bess went on wheel. Charles Francis did not come home last
night. We found a big crowd but not as large as yesterday. Just at night
it sprinkled a little. Hobe took Addie over cross the lots. Thus ends
another Dryden Fair. We drove Nellie and Prince today. Bess came home
before we did , had a fire and things were booming.

Oct 1898
2 A very nice day. Ma and I went to church- she to the one she goes to
and I to mine- about half past seven.

5 A very warm day. Found it raining a very fine shower. Has been without
rain for more than a week. Very pleasant for a week or more. Hobe went
to milk depot, from there to Groton after some potatoes checks or rather
to get them cashed at the bank. Potatoes he sold to Peru and one load to
Groton. Came home went to Etna & the mill to get some flour ground or
exchange wheat for flour- came back late at night.
This after noon I went cross lots over to Mr. Vough's to get Addie to go
with me to a missionary meeting at Ruth Howard's. She drove her gray horse
Dan. We went but no meeting. Then we drove down town. We came to her
house. I eat supper there. Came home. Found the night quite dark.
Spent the evening with Hobe, Bess, Charlie, Ma but my Pa is not here.
It seems as if I must see him I do want to so bad. Ma has been very lame
for a few days.

6 A beautiful day, clear as possible, very fine in every way.
Hobe went with milk came home then he and I went to Cortland.
Mrs. Norman Francis went with us. We drove Prince and Nellie,
the going was fine. Bess took care of some [?] picked up two bushel
of butternuts. Charlie and Court finished cutting sewed corn, dug a
few potatoes. Ned was here when we came from Cortland. Marjorie came
home with us. Ma mending as usual.

7 Ma and I went up to Uncle Eds as they are going to move from the farm to
McLean to live this winter. We thought to make them oue more visit up to
Ma's old home. We had a very pleasant visit but Uncle Ed had gone to to
mill to Freeville. The boys dug potatoes. Hobe took some milk to McLean
in afternoon. Addie Vough called here for a few minutes. I went with the
milk, had a very pleasant trip. I have enjoyed all my trips to the milk

8 A drizzly damp morning. I went with the milk because the boys wanted to
dig potatoes out in lot back of woods- the east one.. I came home from
depot then went over to make [?] butter. Came home at noon and Bess had
dinner ready in afternoon. Sarah Wilcox, Hal Steile and Mag came up to
spend the afternoon. We had a splendid visit. In the evening Hobe and
Charlie went to town. They walked down. Sarah Wilcox stayed here to supper.

9 A beautiful day, very fine. Hobe went with milk, Ma and I went to church.
We drove our dear Fairy and the best buggy. Ma went universalist church I
to baptist. Ma came home before I did so I rode up with Eva Steile. Bess
had dinner most ready. In the afternoon Walt called after being over the
hill to where Ed lives. Little Helen not very well. Hobe took Bess up to
uncle Ed because she is going to help them move to McLean in Baptist

10 A fine cool day. Business began as usual on Monday morning - the milking
and chores, then breakfast. Hobe to the factory with milk. I began washing
and was nearly all day at it because I had to do it quite alone and not
doing any washing since the girls had been home for their vacation. Hobe
drove some potatoes to Peru. Court and Charlie digging potatoes. Cora and
Maggie Steile brought up the mail from the village. So Monday has gone.

14 Rain, a very fine rain, was round about in the morning.  Addie Vough and I
were gone to start very early and drive up to Casnovia to see Martha as she
teaches at Ripple, a place near there. The rain was too much for us. We
did not go. Charlie took Mage and Blackie and went with milk. Hobe doing
odd jobs and Charlie cleaned and straightened up the barn and up overhead
in [sho?]. Then the men went down to the other place and killed a pig as
we are out of meat. Bess came home last night and we have been sewing on
some calico dresses.
15 Rain and cold all day. Hobe went down with the milk. Charlie digging out
dirt under the horse barn and putting on the wharfing in front of the barn.
We three women folks sewed in afternoon making calico dresses which we are
very much in need. All of us at home tonight so the half of this month has
swiftly gone. Not a word for P.

16 Rained in forenoon but came off very pleasant in afternoon. Rained from
2 o'clock Thursday night until today. At noon Ma and I got ready and went
or [?] to go to Universalist church but there were no services on account
of the smallpox scare. We went up to the Baptist church, came home.
Bess had dinner ready. Then after dinner Hobe took Nellie and our best
buggy and went over to take Addie and Sarah Wilcox who is staying there to
Mr Vough, took them to church this evening. I called up to Harvey Graves
to see if I could get some butter for a lady in [C?]. She wants a tub of
butter. We made her a tub 2 years ago but our milk goes to the depot at

21 This morning Fred Ladd and I took the milk and went from there to Searls
Butte.It began to rain very hard from about 8 o'clock and just poured when
we came home. We had a soaker to come home in but got here all right at
about 6 o'clock in evening. We had a good visit- as I always do over to
Searls. We drove Nellie and Prince, my beauty team.

22 Rain, rain. I started for the factory this morning, but it did not rain
until I got started. Then I rode all the way in a pouring rain but got
home all right. Forris came after Ned, as he has been staying here a few days.
The boys husking corn after dinner. Hobe went to Red Mill with a corn
and oat grist. Bess and I picked up butter nuts. We have 6 or 7 bushel picked
up. Tonight Will Steele came up and played cards with Bess, Charlie, and

23 A very windy day. Rained quite hard this morning so the roads are muddy.
I went to church. It was not very bad walking. Walt came here from his
home in Cortland to stay all night last night so Walt and Hobe took Prince
and Nellie and went to the milk depot at Peru. Came home from church,
Bess had dinner ready. I found Ray Francis here. Had not been here in a
long time. Afterr dinner Hobe took Walt home. Bess and Cora Steile have
gone to Baptist church tonight. I did the milking this evening, only 4 cows.
Well do I remember this day two years ago how I met Rowland at Ithaca.

24 A beautiful day some windy. Business began at 5 or a little before. The
boys did the milking, then breakfast, That over a team was brought to the
door and I was soon ready and on my way to the milk depot. With that journey
over I came home and then I went for the walking and Bess and I made a
finish of it by noon. Dinner over, done the ironing and other work. Hobe,
Charlie and Court finished digging the potatoes up here, in the lot back of
woods, the east lot. We have that lot part to potatoes and the other part
to wheat. We have 180 bushels of potatos up here besides a load in the barn.
The boys husked corn in lot west of the house as that is our corn lot this
year or part of it. Our corn has looked very fine all summer.
Eva Steile brought up the mail this evening. We did not go to town today.
Spent our evening at home. very comfortable. A good full day for this page.

30 Not very pleasant in morning but cleared away about eleven o'clock and was
fine until 4. Then it began to rain and kept it up until the next forenoon.
I went to church, saw Addie Vough and Mrs. Palmer baptisted in the creek
near the mill. It was a beautiful day and very nice. Today has been
Martha's birthday, 27 years old, but she is at Rippleton and was coming
home this week but did not on account of the smallpox scare in McLean.
She has not been home in 3 weeks.

November 1 A pleasant day has been given to us after yesterday's gloomy day.
We found that it had been holloween last night. Around here doors tied or
fastened to things, the buggy wheel taken off and put in a big grain box,
a bunch of corn cloths taken from the lot west of the lane and braced up
with [to?] rails and put in middle of lane, [?] and watering troughs
changed. No damage done. Just innocent fun.
Hobe went with the milk, Charlie husking in lot west of house. We have a
nice price of corn there this year. Hobe husked in afternoon. Bess went
over to Ladds, from there to Rene Sickmore up near the Lafeyette chier
factory, did not come home tonight. Hobe went to Red Mill after supper to
get a grist. Mr. Reynold is proprietor at present. Our new creamery at
McLean began this morning. It is built by the stock holders and is on the
old Rink site. They opened with 5,400 lb of milk. It is a bran new
structure and this was the first day it was [?].

6 A very nice day, walking fine, rained some in afternoon. I went down to
church and eat dinner with with Uncle Ed's folk as they have moved in the
Baptist parsonage so of course they are handy. Came home, found Arn and
mate here, had been to dinner when I came home. Hobe spent the evening at
home. We three were here, Ma, Hobe and I. Bess went with Ladd's folks to
stay a week.

7 A very nice day, but windy, some cold. I did the washing alone. Wind blew
quite hard. Hobe began taking the milk to the new creamery. Bess was over
to Ladd's so I had the work, and not having the washing in a long time.

8 A nice day. Our state election and Charlie went down and voted for
Mr Roosevelt- as he is on the Republic ticket. I went to Steile's this
morning. For a few minutes I let Prince, Fairy and Nell out of the barn
and before I got back from Steile's they were up on McKe[?] so I went after
them. The boys worked down on the other place, came home for dinner.

9 Pleasant in forenoon, began rain at noon. Hobe took milk, the men husking.
I worked my old black dress and bound it. Looks very good. In afternoon I
went up to see Mtrs. Gallagher & [?] come and fix it over for me but she
could not come before two weeks so I came home, as I went up there alone.
Charlie spent the eve with the neighbors.

10 A rainy day, all day long a steady time of it. Charlie went with the milk,
drove Blackie and Mage. Charlie went to the other place this forenoon &
worked there. Came home this noon, got ready, and went to Cortland. I
began house cleaning. Charlie did not do much this afternoon. Everything
very quiet. I received a letter from Martha. She sent a snap shot picture
that Taber Perkins had taken of her but it is not a good one. Cora Steile
came up today. Will Steile spent the evening here. We are always glad to
have him come in any time.

11 Ground frozen and covered with snow. Hobe took the milk and when he went
he took the $100 for the share that Ma and him have put into the new
creamery that has just been built on the old rink site. Ma put in $50 and
Hobe $50 each, so that bill is paid. Hobe went to Cortland yesterday and
drew his $50 out. Ma put i out of the family funds, potato checks. [????]
but he lets it go towards his wager so much paid towards him.

12 A very fine day, quite cool. Most of the day did not have a great deal
to do. The horses were let out- or rather they were let out by me- and
they gave me a good chase. They went over the brook back of the barn,
up the hill as far as possible and never stopped until they reached
Mr. Vough's lot. Over fences, through the woods, and through brush and
I after them. I felt quite vexed with them but after all I rather
enjoyed doing it, for I love the horses very much.

17 Rained a very little this morning but came off very pleasant. Hobe went
with the milk, then came home. Charlie, Bess and him went down to
J.M. and helped kill ducks. They were there most of the day. The boys
oiled the [?] harness. I cleaned home. Ma making or mending some
shirts for Hobe. I am thinking of some plans for Thanksgiving. The day
has been very quiet but many times I think of Pa. It seems as if my
heart is almost broken.

18 Cloudy day but not very cold. Charlie went with milk. Hobe went to
the other place to see about starting the plow. So started Charlie and
Court at the business. Bess went to Groton on wheel to get a check
cashed on the Peruville milk depot. Hobe went over to ask Addie to an
entertainment. So they started about half past 6 for Groton. Bess
went to Groton and came back. [?] Little Mag Steele brought up a duck
for our eatting.

19 Rained all day, not much of a business day. Hobe went with the milk.
Charlie washed and oiled the harness that we bought off Aunt Lou at her
auction. Bess done some baking. I cleaned the parlor. Ma sewing and
mending. Hobe went over to Ladd's after a jar of butter & in afternoon
Fred Court, the man on the other place, came up and he and Hobe fixed
some parts to the lumber wagon and bob sleighs.

20 Rained in the morning but cleared up some. I donned my rubber boots
and rainy weather attire and went to church. Did not find it very
bad walking. Came home. Bess had dinner ready. Had a duck that Jim
Steele's folks sent up two days ago. We baked it- was very nice.
I went to Baptist church and Herbert Davidson and Mrs. Loren French
were baptised down to the creek by our pastor, Rev. John Green.

21 A beautiful day came to us. It was calm, clear, and beautiful all day.
Early this morning, we were up and doing breakfast over, then we began
the day. Hobe went with the milk. Charlie fed the cows [?] and then
went over to the other place to plow and I went at the washing. Bess
took Fairy and the old buggy and started for the mud school, as she
is going to finish the term Hattie Powers started. Hattie did not wish
to go on so Mr. McClintock hired Bess to finish. Has eight weeks more.
Thus the day came and went. Ma mending and sewing. Made an apron for
Bess, cleaned up the eggs.

24, Thurs. Thanksgiving
Rather of a cold day. Ground bare but frozen. We that are home, Ma, Bess,
Hobe, and I wished the rest to be here for Thanksgiving so Walter's family,
4 in number, Marjorie, and Walter came down from Courtland on the train.
Phoebe had been there since Saturday with her baby, George Knapp, and came
down too on the train. Hobe took the milk down and waited until the 10
o'clock came in. The Ed came and brought baby Helen with him from their
home on the hill near Etna. Ladd, Bernie, and Ned came over so we were
all here but Martha, Ann and Ferris. Martha is at Rippleton and thought
it best not to come on the season of the small pox scare which is around
here. We had a 27 lb. turkey, cherries, 2 kinds of cake, onions and the
other thing, celery, [?] kinds of pickles, potatos, biscuits. But our
dear Pa was not here to take part in our pleasant gathering and we miss
him so much. This is our second Thanksgiving without him.

27 A very cold, raw wind, very keen air. I went to Baptist church then to
M.E. meeting with Sarah Wilcox. Came home and found supper ready. Every-
body was glad to stay in. A terrible time on the water for ships. Ma
did not go to church.

28 Very cold but quite pleasant. Bess went to take charge of mud school,
this is her second week to take Hattie Powers place. I did the washing.
The boys worked out in the woods. Tonight Bess went and brought Mrs.
Gallagher to sew for me.

29 A fine day. Wheeling very good. I took Prince and went to Cortland.
Went alone but found May Dutcher there and she came home with me. We
came home in the evening and we had a delightful visit riding home in
the moonlight. I went to get trimming lace, silk, and [jets?] for my
black dress Mrs. Gallagher is making. Got all I wanted of those things.
Hobe went to Etna to have some wheat ground and get some buck wheat
that Ed Mineah, our Ed, was to leave there for Walts folks. Bess teaching
up in mud school again this week.

December 1 A bright clear cold day, quite keen air. Charlie went with milk
and I rode down town with [him] to see May Dutcher about getting a piece
of lace of her as she has some just like what I wanted and is like
some I have, only I did not get enough. So she let me have a quarter
of a yard or 25 cents worth, to put over the silk on the yoke of my
black dress. Paid her for it and then came home.

2 A very fine day. Good wheeling but frozen very hard. Charlie went with
the milk. Hobe went to the other place to get things ready to kill
hogs, then I went down to help since Court cleans the [?]. Came home
about 3 o'clock. Bess took Mrs. Gallagher to her home after being here
three days to sew for me, making my new black dress, the black brocade
one, and fixing over the plain black dress. So now I have two good
black dresses. Then Bess went up to mud school to finish putting in
two week of teaching after Hattie Powers left teaching to get married.
Bess came home tonight. She has been driving back and forth.

3 A beautiful day, clear, cool. Charlie went with the milk, Hobe cut up
the two hogs. Bess done up the work. Ma made some juice. Then we went
at the lard and had a all-day's job but finished it at night. In the
afternoon Court came up and the three men cut up some fallen trees out
in the woods. In the evening Hobe and Charlie went into town for
Saturday night.

4 Quite cold but very pleasant. Wheeling fine- frozen and smooth. Hobe
went with the milk. Bess and I finished up our grease work. Then Ma
and I got ready and went to Uni church. We drove our dear Fairy. Then
I went up to Baptist Sunday school, then from there to Methodist meeting
which is at half past one P.M. Sarah Wilcox, May Francis and I went
down together. Grace and Johnnie Rouk went there too. I came home.
Cora Steele came with me as far as her home. I found my family had
been to dinner. Bess and Charlie Frances 42 years old today.

5 A very stormy, windy day. A perfect hurricane all day. Not so very
cold but very windy. Snow covers the ground and is quite deep in places.
Hobe got out the bobs and took the milk in them. Charlie went to the
other place and him and Fred Court went to the woods and cut wood and
then afternoon they were up here and split wood in wood house. I cleaned
meal some. After Bess and I got through washing Bess ironed the last
week's ironing in the afternoon. The day has been very bad. This
evening Will and John Steele came in to play cards so they had a very
pleasant eve. We enjoyed this evening ever so much.

6 Clear and quite pleasant. Good sleighing. Hobe went with milk. Charlie
been to work down lower woods with Fred, C., and Hobe. Bess, Ma and I
worked around but did not do much but house work. Charlie gone to Steele's
tonight to play cards. Ma, Bess and I here this evening. Tonight Hobe
gone to see Addie Vough.

8 Clear, cold and very good sleighing. The ground is thickly covered with snow.
We have had two weeks of very cold weather. Charlie went with the milk. I
rode up as far as Jerome's and stayed a few minutes. Hobe and Will Steele
took our team and went over to Ed's near Etna rabbit hunting, but did not
get only one. Charlie went to lower woods to work. I fed turkeys, chickens.
At night Bess Ma and I here. This afternoon Ned Ladd came over tonight
from school to stay all night.

11 A fine, cold day. Hobe went with milk. It is not any picnic to go with
milk these cold mornings. I went to church a foot. Walking very good.
Only went to one meeting.

12 Snowed all day very gently but very firmly. We have plenty of snow but the
sleighing is good. I did the washing. Bess was here but she had other work.
The boys went to work down in lower woods. Bess took Fairy and went over
to Ladd's after butter, found it very cold riding.
getting in the straw
14  A very pleasant day but quite cold wind blew from the south quite hard.
Hobe went with milk. Ma and I took [?] butter and went to Cortland to
trade and get Christmas presents. The sleighing is very fine, not deep
but just enough to cover the ground nicely. Fred Court came up to get in
some straw with Hobe. Charlie [????- wish I could read this one!] to
Ithaca in a whiskey case. The M.E. Church are prosecuting some of the
men in McLean for selling it. This evening Will and Eva came up and
played cards with Hobe and Bess. Fred and Bessie Ladd came over to stay
all night from school. Mie Fuller is teacher this winter.

15 A nice day- beautiful in all respects. Ma and I went to church, she to
hers and I up to Baptist. Then Sarah Wilcox and I went to M E Church then
I came home. Ma drove home. Bess gets dinner every Sunday. We were
all home but Pa is not here, only as we feel his presence. I have so
many things to enjoy in and around my home I do not go to church any
more evenings.

19 A fine winter day, everything [?] Good sleighing. We were up at half
past 6 Hobe doing chores. I got breakfast then we started the washing.
Hobe went with the milk. He stopped going to McLean Creamery and went
to Peru milk depot. Milk is worth $1.18 per hundred at that depot. Bess
and Eva Steele went to Groton in afternoon, took Nellie and Hobe's new
cutter. The sleighing fine. The girls went after a 7 dollar milk check,
one we got over to Peru for 5 days in Nov, the first of the month. Ma,
Bess, Hobe, and I at home this evening.

20 A very nice day, thawed most of the time, rained in the morning. Hobe
went with milk, Bess swept up stairs then, in the afternoon, went to
the village. Ma making her red flannel skirt that Pete bought her. It's
a sort of crimson unlike anything she ever had before. Hobe went to mill.

21 Rained this morning. Hobe went with milk. Bess and I went to Cortland
found our sleighing thin. Charlie called here this morning. We folks
are living alone-- no hired man or anyone with us since Charlie left. I
go down to the barn and milk mornings.

22 Rained a little today but tonight it rains quite a bit- spoiling our very
fine sleighing. Ma has a sore throat and a cold. She finished a pair of
mittens for Hobe and Ed for Christmas then set up some little red ones for
Little Walter. Hobe took milk and then worked at the other place getting
in straw. I called down to Hat's to take some x-mas presents that Nate
sent to Cortland yesterday by me.

23 A fine day but looked like storm. I was busy in the forenoon, then took
Prince and buggy. Then stopped for Eva Steele and then we went to Cortland.
Found the wheeling fine but very hard. Came home by the light of the moon.
Lovely drive. Then I went to X-mas tree at Baptist Church. That was quite
well filled and very nice. I went and came home alone.

24 A fine day. Hobe went with milk. Bess went to six oclock train to meet Martha
as she had not been home from Rippleton on 14 weeks. She came all night.
Tonight Bess, Martha, Eva and Cora Steele went up to Fitte Schoolhouse to
Christmas exercises. Hobe went after Walt's folks from Cortland on 8 oclock
train. Walt Mate, Mayfair and Walter J. all to spend Christmas. In
afternoon Cora and Mag Steele and I went down to Benedict Wood after
evergreens to trim the house- it looks very nice..

25 Merry Christmas Sunday, 1898. The day came off all right and beautiful. Walt
and family and Martha were here this morning. Hobe and Walt went with the milk.
Wheeling good. We did up the work. Ma and Martha went to Universalist church.
Uncle Ed's folks came home from church with them to spend our Christmas. So
then after they came Nate Ladd and Louis came over. Nate was here. Bessie was
sick so our gathering consisted of Ma, Martha, Bess, Hobe and I, Nate Ladd, Louis
and Ned. Walt Mate and Mayfair and Walter Jerome. Ed, Phoebe, Helen and George
the babe, Uncle Ed, Aunt Rowena and Gilbert and little Maggie Steele came up so
we had a housefull. It was the first Christmas Uncle Ed's folks were ever
here. We had a very pleasant time although our heart often turned back in sadness
for the loved father that is away. We miss him so much in our lives. We did
not have any tree but gave out our presents by handing them around.
We all had a few presents and they seemed very nice.

26 Another day as well as Christmas day has gone. Walt's folks stayed here last
night and are going to the village. Walt took one horse and wagon to Mr.
Howland's and then came up here to dinner and then Martha and him went over to
[?] Ladds. John Steele came up and Martha, Ben, Hobe and John spent the
evening playing cards. Bess and I watched.

30 New Year is very near and [?] very pleasant this morning but rained most of
the afternoon. Raining tonight. Hobe took milk and I went down to see Mrs. Court
as she is very sick with grip. I spent most of the day there. Hobe drew in part
of a stack with Court's help. They had to use a wagon as our sleighing is gone.
We came home. Ma, Hobe, Martha, Ben and I have been home all this evening. It
seems good for us all to be here and no one else. We have been here among
ourselves most every day since Martha came home as she only has a week's
vacation, and we are enjoying it. How my year has been spent only Him who
planned my life knows. Some very pleasant things and some very sorrowful.
We have been very much blessed as we have not had any very serious [problems]
except Bess being so severely hurt, but came out so well.

31 Goodbye dear old year. How many things have I had to enjoy, but I often turn
back to wish for my dear Pa. How many times have I turned the pages resolving
to do better but have failed. Well it has been a very cold day. No sleighing
but wagoning. Ground covered with snow. Hobe carried the milk and then came home.
We got ready and went to Dryden. Hobe and I were invited to spend the day with
the Mineah Sisters, Corinne Anna and Albina. We went and had a very fine time.
Fred and Mame Shapman, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mosses and Fred Space and wife, Corinne
Mariette Grisold were there. We had a turkey three course dinner. Ma and
Martha were here alone. Bess over to Mate Ladd's helping her with her New Year
dinner. The wheeling was rough towards Dryden. They gave us some presents-- a
very pretty bookcase and some books to remember them by. Very kind of them.

If you have photos (circa 1898) of any of the places mentioned in the diary, please send me a jpeg version. I think that SEEING what Clara saw would give readers a better sense of what her life was like.

Finding Clara's Diary

I found this diary while rennovating a house we'd just purchased on Utica Street in Ithaca, New York. We had the basement wired for the first time and turned the light on to a storage room that hadn't been cleaned in "a LONG time". This diary was on top of a pile of needlework and farm records. When we removed the diary from the basement, the paper began to deteriorate really fast, so we donated it to the DeWitt Historical Society for preservation. Along with the diary we found a hand written family tree that went back to the early 1700's. If you are interested in genealogy and someone in you family is mentioned in the diary, you might want to contact the DeWitt Historical Society to see this family tree.

The background for this page is a scanned image of one of the pieces of needlework I found with the diary.
Given that all the stuff near the diary dated back to ~1898, this was probably made by Clara, her "Ma", or Bess